Girl Scout Camp can claim responsibility for popularizing s’mores but, it is so much more. In a recent study of nearly 2,000 Girl Scout alumnae, 49% described camping trips as one of the most positive aspects of their Girl Scout experience – ranking just behind fun and friendship. 

Camp and outdoor programs are still, to this day, one of the most popular aspects of Girl Scouts. In general girls who go outdoors have stronger challenge-seeking and problem-solving skills; and are more satisfied with their Girl Scout experience than those that do not have exposure to outdoor programs. Less time in nature and outdoors has the potential to cause girls to suffer physically, emotionally and cognitively. 


Camp today is more than s'mores  – it gives every girl the chance to succeed, build friendships, challenge herself and have fun.  Girls attending camp grow in self-confidence, increase their circle of friends and discover the power and fun of being a girl. 


In addition, our outdoor program numbers prove that Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio is doing its part in partnership with parents and volunteers to create additional opportunities for safe exploration outdoors. We are creating a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts who will be healthier and more skilled adults. 


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